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The field of activity of the “Studio Tecnico Ing. Sergio Di Sciascio – Ing. Giovanni Di Sciascio” Engineering Services includes:

  • Civil, industrial, infrastructural engineering design and supervision of works, with specific experience in the private sector;
  • Design and supervision of works of structural interventions on existing buildings, according to the latest seismic regulations (Eurocodes);
  • Numeric modelling of mechanical parts, resistance and strain/fatigue tests, dynamic and thermal analyses;
  • Special numeric analyses with particular reference to structural mechanical and seismic simulations;
  • Processing of Visual Basic and Visual C# applications for finite element calculation software and CAD software;
  • Planning and turnkey realization of steel structures, in cooperation with “Di Sciascio Ltd. Co.”


The Engineering Studio is composed of two structural engineers and experienced external collaborators. The structural engineers are:

Di Sciascio Sergio

Mr. Sergio Di Sciascio, born in 1949, graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bologna in 1975, licensed engineer in the Italian Register of professional engineers since 1977. He is a structural engineer, supervisor of works and provides experienced assistance to the assembly of metal structures.

Di Sciascio Giovanni

Mr. Giovanni Di Sciascio, born in 1979, graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bologna in 2005, licensed engineer in the Italian Register of professional engineers since 2005. He works in structural design, numeric modelling of complex parts with dedicated procedures for resistance and stability verifications, programming of applications for structural calculations and CAD 3D modelling.


The engineering studio is provided with the following software:

  • Straus7 (Strand7 Pty Ltd) finite element code for structural modeling
  • Ludi3 - steel module (Alestea ltd.) - software for the verification of steel structures
  • Ludi3 - reinforced concrete module (Alestea ltd.) – software for drawing and verification of reinforced concrete structures
  • CoCreate OneSpace Designer Modeling & Drafting – CAD 2D/3D software
  • Tekla Structures Steel Detailing (Trimble) – CAD 3D software for steel structures drawing
  • Tekla Structures Cast in Place (Trimble) – CAD 3D software for cast-in-place structures drawing
  • Tekla Structures Project Viewer (Trimble) – CAD 3D software for planning, tracking and managing detailing, fabrication and erection activities
  • Visual Studio 2008, 2012 and 2017 (Microsoft) – Programming environment in Visual and Visual C#
  • Microsoft Office Professional (Microsoft)
  • ProgeCad (ProgeSoft) – Drawing program