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Seismic Analysis and Pushover: Illustration of various case studies analyzed with EasyOver
SAIE Bologna 2018
2018, 17th – 20th October
BIM Coupling: Presentation of a new App connecting Straus7 to BIM Software for Steel Structures
SAIE Bologna 2018
2018, 17th – 20th October
Use of the Pushover Method for the Seismic Analysis of Mixed Frame-Wall Structures
International CAE Conference, Vicenza
2018, 8th – 9th October
A brief overview of the new perspectives
Ph. D. Eng. Francesco Clementi, Eng. Giovanni Di Sciascio, Eng. Sergio Di Sciascio, Professor Ph. D. Eng. Stefano Lenci
August 2016
New perspectives of nonlinear static analysis of existing r.c. structures.
The case study of the school “S. Giovanni Bosco” in Canosa di Puglia
Thesis of Marche Polytechnic University, Single-Cycle Master’s Degree in Building Engineering-Architecture
Author Maria Carmela Caporale
main supervisor Professor, Ph.D. Eng. Stefano Lenci
co-supervisors Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Eng. Francesco Clementi, Eng. Giovanni Di Sciascio
July 20, 2016
Use of Pushover Analysis for Seismic Retrofitting of a Precast Concrete Warehouse
International CAE Conference, Pacengo del Garda (VR)
27-28 October 2014
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