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Parametric plugins and applications created for the modeling of complex geometries and solving geometric optimization problems

Parametrized macros for structural nodes

Macro modeling nodes for structural steel works, according to the data entered by the user in a special form.

Tools for the creation of unfolded sheet metal parts and the management of NC files in DSTV format

Parametrized application for special “Compact” type beams made by Famar Ltd

Macro modeling special welded beams, made by Famar Ltd (an Italian company operating in the field of steel construction) according to parameters entered by the user in a special form.

Parametrized applications for concrete structures

Macro reinforcing concrete elements (beams, columns, slabs, walls), according to parameters entered by the user, relating to the number, position and diameter of bars and stirrups.

Application for manufacturing processes

Macro for the management of workshop manufacturing processes. It groups the elements to be produced by type (metal sheets, flat bars, tubes, etc.) and working processes (drilling, laser cutting, bending, welding, etc.).

Application for packing list management on site

Macros to be used in the construction site: it helps to find the parts to be assembled according to transport documents of goods received on site.

Application for energy calculations of thermodynamic linear Flat lens Fresnel collectors

Macro that moves the articulated systems and the mirrors of concentrated solar power plants and runs simulations and energy balances relating to a period of time established by the user, according to the geographical coordinates of the plant.